Inlaid Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring


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A sterling silver and inlaid turquoise ring is a strong statement. This ring measures 3/4″ long and 5/8″ wide. Size 9. Artist: Kathy Yazzie


Artist: Kathy Yazzie

1 in stock

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Kingman Turquoise Ring 5/8″ Length

This deceptively simple handmade ring features a Kingman turquoise set in sterling silver. 5/8 " in length. Size 8. Artist: C. Willie, Navajo... Learn More


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Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring

Now this is a statement! Measuring 1-5/8" in diameter and featuring nine Kingman turquoise stones set in sterling silver, this handmade ring screams, "SEE ME! I AM BEAUTIFUL!" Size 7.5. Artist: Darlen... Learn More


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Tufa Cast Sterling Silver And Turquoise Ring

A very strong tufa cast sterling silver band showcases this gorgeous turquoise stone. Size 7. Artist: Navajo... Learn More


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Sterling Silver Ring With Inlaid Blue And Green Turquoise

Beautiful shades of green and blue turquoise are inlaid in this handcrafted sterling silver ring. It measures 1-1/2" in length. Size 7.5. Artist: Harold Smith... Learn More


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Handmade Various Colored Turquoise, Pearl, Shell Bracelet

Do you see a corn design in these wonderful stones? Various colors of spiny oyster shell, jet, mother of pearl, and turquoise create this maze of color. It is such an exquisitely created handmade cuff... Learn More


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Silver And Turquoise Naja Pendant

This handcrafted Naja pendant will hook onto any chain or beads. I personally recommend beads to show it off properly. It features a beautiful Blue Ridge turquoise stone at its center.  All is done i... Learn More


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6″ Handmade Sterling Silver Cuff

This is one of my most popular handmade cuffs. It is made of sterling silver and is simply lovely. It measures 1" wide. 6" Artist: Thomas Charley, Navajo... Learn More


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Green Turquoise Chip Earrings

Green turquoise chips are strung with just a touch of coral at the top of these beautifully handcrafted earrings. That little bit of coral makes all the difference. They measure 2-5/8" long from the t... Learn More


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