For those who know and have worked with us, you know we have a deep respect and admiration for the Native American culture. Our products celebrate their traditions and way of life, we support Native American artisans financially so they can support their families, and we support like-minded organizations that share our love for preserving and creating awareness of their culture.

We ask that you join us in supporting The Acoma Education Foundation, a non-profit organization established to support the Acoma Department of Education.

What Is The Acoma Education Foundation?

The Acoma Education Foundation is an organization dedicated to serving the students of the Pueblo of Acoma in New Mexico. Their mission is “to enhance educational opportunities by providing student enrichment programs and promoting community engagement.”

Like many others, Acoma students have had to adjust to new ways of learning throughout the pandemic in order to protect themselves and their families. As a result, the vital chain of oral communication to pass along important values, customs and traditions has been disrupted.

Preserving The Acoma Keres Language

The Acoma Keres language itself has never been written. Keres is the foundation of Acoma prayers, songs and stories that have been passed down throughout their rich history. The pandemic, along with a decreasing number of fluent speakers over time, poses a threat to the language’s continuation. Now more than ever, a concerted effort is essential to its long-term survival.

Keres Dictionary Project

Prior to the pandemic, the Acoma Education Foundation and the Acoma Department of Education launched the Keres Dictionary Project. The goal of the Keres Dictionary Project is to develop an accessible and comprehensive dictionary of the traditional language. This dictionary will be used to educate generations of future students on the language to ensure the survival of their culture. Team members and volunteers put on engaging community fundraisers to financially support the ambitious project.

While COVID-19 has created obstacles for the project, the team has continued to make progress on the dictionary. The hardworking team has worked outdoors, at home, over the phone and via Zoom to ensure that the project and the language may continue. Incredible steps have been made amidst the setbacks, but there is still work to be done!

We Need Your Help

Please consider supporting the Acoma Education Foundation and the Keres Dictionary project with a tax-deductible donation. Your investment will help them to:

  • Further raise academic achievement and overall student success
  • Enhance the learning of all Acoma students through enrichment programs and services
  • Promote a strong educational system that will serve as a foundation to a healthy and culturally strong community
  • Inspire a culture of philanthropy to support enrichment programs for Acoma students

Interested in supporting the Keres Dictionary Project and similar programs meant to preserve the Acoma language and culture? The Acoma Education Foundation is currently accepting donations! Please visit their website for more information and to learn how you can make a difference in the Acoma students.

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