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You love Native American culture, and so do we.

Debbie Maloney has loved and appreciated the Native American culture for as long she can remember. She spent much of her childhood visiting her grandparents in New Mexico, and always admired the beautiful Native American jewelry her aunts, uncles and other family members wore.

As an adult, she began helping out a friend who sold Native American jewelry, while getting to know another trader. When she and her husband moved to Cincinnati, the trader shipped her some of his inventory to sell. Wanting to share the beauty and authenticity of the products, she showed them to a few stores in the area. They quickly recognized the quality of the merchandise and bought the products from her on the spot.


Energized by a calling that allowed her to experience the culture she loved and share it with others, Debbie launched her own business in 1994. She called it Native American Treasures because it’s a perfect description of how she feels about the products she sells.

Debbie has a personal relationship with both the Native American jewelry makers and the wholesalers she sells to. They trust each other, which ensures high-quality products and satisfied customers. Many of the artists make their own tools to create the jewelry, and are selective about the turquoise used for each piece.

Jewelry making is a detailed, meticulous process, and each item has a story, history and uniqueness you just can’t find in a typical store. Her customers love the symbolism, mystery and joy of owning something special. Many items purchased stay within a family for years and are passed down from generation to generation.

Debbie has become an expert of Native American jewelry, products and culture. She can answer any questions her customers have, share the story of the jewelry maker, describe the process and explain the turquoise quality.

Above all, Debbie finds great joy in helping her customers find gorgeous jewelry for themselves or as a gift for someone else. It is her hope that her customers love and appreciate their purchases so much that they become part of her trusted network, turning to her when they need the most exceptional and extraordinary treasures.

Featured Products

Green Turquoise Chip Earrings

Green turquoise chips are strung with just a touch of coral at the top of these beautifully handcrafted earrings. That little bit of coral makes all the difference. They measure 2-5/8" long from the t... Learn More


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Sterling Silver Triple Bead Earrings

Sterling silver handmade beads in graduated sizes make up these earrings. The silver is burnished to give that aged and vintage feel to them. They measure 2-1/2 " from top to bottom. Artist: Arlene Wa... Learn More


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Bold Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

This artist stole my heart with these handcrafted earrings. They are BOLD. Huge sterling silver hoops, 2" in diameter, are hanging from beautiful turquoise posts. They are 2-5/8" in length and really ... Learn More


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6″ Handmade Sterling Silver Cuff

This is one of my most popular handmade cuffs. It is made of sterling silver and is simply lovely. It measures 1" wide. 6" Artist: Thomas Charley, Navajo... Learn More


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